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Old Meets New

Healdsburg, California

A renovated stone barn made into a home with a modern extension on a tremendous Dry Creek Valley, Healdsburg property presented unsurpassed creative opportunities for fusing old and new design languages. The conceptual story was reinforced in the front with the addition of an ancient Olive Grove and antique concrete walls. Cut boulder stairs lead from the guest parking area to the front door, lending an informal quality to the entry experience. A more contemporary rear area hosts an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and a wood fired bar-b-cue carved out of a single boulder. This original element transitions into a low wall built by renowned stone mason Edwin Hamilton. Nearby, a contemporary water feature reflects the ancient Oak the space is designed around, putting the tree on show as sculpture. Through a breezeway, the swimming pool is revealed along with layered views of the vineyards, valley and Mayacama range beyond.